At our core,

we just love our pets.

01. Product design

Just like you, we own dogs and cats. But some of us are product designers that share a passion in build products for the pets we love.

02. For pet owners

We got together to design an efficient solution that saves time and storage, but one that feeds our four-pawed friends.

03. Vision

Enable you to manage feed times even when you are away from the home using the beautifully designed app on your phone.

Together, we’ve designed and built the KibbleHub.

It is designed to accommodate any home front with a dog or cat, from small size to full size.


We’re mindful about how we work.

Eco-friendly products and manufacturing steers our sustainable approach in the development of our products.

KibbleHub Giveback

For pets without homes.

Portions of our net sales are allocated to supporting dogs and cats desperately in need of food, water, shelter and love.

This is
our passion

Our company is committed to build advanced products for the pet industry. We are forward-thinking makers and our approach is making simple, yet beautiful products that people want.