the KibbleHub Giveback

Our Giveback Program provides crucial funding to help pets recover from life-threatening injuries or illnesses or even hunger. $2 from every sale we make will help a pet in crisis.

How it helps

Contributions to this program offset the cost of veterinary care, transport and other essential services to give deserving pets their best chance to find a loving home.


His primary treatment was for an embedded collar, as a result of neglect. He was also discovered to have heartworm disease and he will receive some behavior training.


This six-year-old female was so bloated from heartworm disease, she was mistaken for being pregnant. Sadly, she began treatment but the disease was too far along and she died at the veterinary clinic while under care.


Treated for exposure to parvo and, once clear, was transported to a shelter where he could be adopted.


During heartworm treatment, Copper had a reaction due to a rare gene mutation causing cardiac distress and sadly, passed away.


Received treatment for symptoms including vomiting and pale gums and was found to have treatable gastroenteritis. After recovery, he was transported to a shelter where he was adopted.

Pets in need are counting on us.